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Surfing isn't just a sport, it's experiencing Mother Nature at its most fundamental and elemental.

The joy of surfing, it's a sensation like no other ,but this joy goes beyond the physical thrill. It's also about embracing each moment, each breath, not just engaging with the wave, but also with yourself. Learn and live this adventure whit us...

Boavista Coastline its blessed whit consistent moderate swell, through most of the year,  the many long sandy beach's  all round the island offers many diferents spots, for all levels. 

We provide Lessons for all levels and whants, Equipements rentals, Storage &  Guided trips around the best spots of the island.


Your First Step Toward Riding the Waves,  for thosse who never surfed before and want to start in this exciting sport in a safe and efficient way or just had a short surf experience.

our top priority is to provide you a unique and incredibel experience,  no mather your experience , level or expectations your surf instructor will adapte on your skills and find improvements togueter...

Group Lessons

  • 1hr- 30€

  • 2hrs- 55€

  • 3hrs- 80€

  • 4hrs- 105€

  • 5hrs- 130€

Privat Lessons

  • 1hr- 45€

  • 2hrs- 85€

  • 3hrs- 125€

  • 4hrs- 165€

  • 5hrs- 205€


For those who already have mastered the basics of surfing and already are surfing on a hard board, in order to improve skilss and perform maneuvers on the right part of the wave.

this lessons are taylor made on certain objectives.

we will adapt on your level, share our knowledge and help you to reach the next level.In a short period of time you will see big progresses.


We have several sizes of surfboards with different constructions, to provide an adequate evolution for the surfer.

wetsuits & boots are included in the rental price.

Surf Rentals

  • 1hr – 15€

  • 2hr - 20€

  • 3hr – 25€

  • 1day – 30€

  • 2 day – 50€

  • 3 day- 75€

  • 4 day -95€

  • 5 day- 110€

  • 6 day- 130€

  • 7 days 140€

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