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Kite surf its Amazing, its all about riding and gliding across the water, surfing waves and fliyng, arnessing the wind as your energy. A very acessible sport that u can learn in no time. Boavista offers optimal conditions to living a unique and unforgetable experience. 
Our center offers a vast variety of  quality equipement for rent , suitable for all levels and sailing conditions.
we also provide diferents tipes of lessons, Storage, e rescue service, Guided trips around the best spots of the island ...



If you are new at the sport, at the begining we will teach you on the beach all the basics like how to set up your equipement, wind direction, all the safety procedures and fly the kite properly. After we get to the water for some bodydrag, once you feel that you are on the control, you will learn the waterstart, improve your stance and riding whit the kite. Our objective i that you learn all the best and safest way to kite for you and the others.

 All the lessons are made whit the safety boat, you can chosse from particular or group lesson.



Your kitesurfing level is good, u know all the fundamentals of kitesurfing but you are stuck for several sesions on the same trick? you whant to kitefoil? ride the waves and go strapless? Our qualified team will help you.

we will adapt on your level, share our knowledge and help you to reach the next step. In a short period of time you will see big progresses.  we do video analize to bether understand the mystakes.



Riding whit good quality equipment its essencial to ensure the safety and the fun of our clients.

we offer a vast variety of new ozone kites for all sailing conditions, also diferents kinds of twintips, surfboards and kitefoils.

when u rent equipment u can trust on our rescue team, we will have always eyes on you in case you get in troubles.

 For who whants to travel whit they own equipment , we offer the storage e rescue services.

 whit all our club facilities as spot infos e assistance at the beach, survaillance e rescues.

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