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Our History


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all started in 1984 when François Guy  heard about Cape Verde, where there is not much, but too much wind and to many waves, that immediately arouses his interest.
Some months later he leaves everything he has in France and settles permanently in Cape Verde. First he seats the centre in Sal island, with the ambition to make discover to Capeverdeans what he considered a resource, and also be the ambassador of the wind and waves of Capeverde to the world.
He makes a huge promotion of Cape Verde to the level of the world elite of windsurf.
Then he will see the arrival of the greatest champions and many tourist to ride and discover this title paradise called Cape Verde that was not so known.


He arrived for the first time in Boavista in 1989, after an epic Sal boa vista crossing in windsurf whit out assistance.The warm reception of the population, the exceptional spot that it's the bay of Sal Rei for the practice of nautical sports, in the shelter of the islet of Sal Rei, reveal to him that he has found his paradise to build the wind centre of his dreams.So he moves again, and he opens the first windsurf center in boa vista, first a small center all made of palm leaves, but already something big for the island that was virgin in the tourism sector. But he has big plans to make the bay of sal rei one of the greatest destinations for practising windsurf around the world.


So 1995 with new partners he creates The Boa vista Wind club, building a new centre with a proper infrastructure to receive people from all over to ride the best conditions that the bay of Sal Rei have to offer.

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He had the ambition to bring locally an activity that allows the young people of the island to stay and find a job in the spot, he never stops sharing he's passion with them, the club team was essentially made of locals, it develops a learning method accessible to all ages. He will be proud to have contributed at its level to emergence of young capeverdians competitors ho have reached the level global.

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From the top of his tower the captain cabine between two chess games, he watched over the activities of the club until 2012. Dissappeared too soon, however he left with the assurance of leaving transmitted to his children's and young peoples from boa vista the desire to share with you the waves and wind of boa vista


at within the club that became in 2020 The Wind club François Guy in turn Sean Guy e family are responsible to continue the legacy showing the true spirit of the place and sharing our passion and knowledge from the ocean and all water sports. 

Our Team will make all the necessary to make you spend a great time in and out of the water in this amazing place.

Its not just a watersport center, but a place whit a very relax atmosphere where u can come to meet good people, play chess, drink a good caipirinha while u enjoy an amazing sunset.

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