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The feeling of levitating over water while being powered by the wind is as incredible as it is addictive.
Wingfoil its the new fascination and tipe of surfing, the art of riding a hydrofoil board while harnessing the wind energy through a portable wing.
Its new,fun and very acessible for novice surfers.
We offer Lessons, Rentals, Storage e Rescue service, Trips e Downwinds to the best spots of the island

The wingfoil beguiner course its ideal for who its new into this sport.
After a short theory you will learn at the beach all the skills to handle the wing. You will learn to carry, steer it, turn it and catch the wind.
The first contact on the water will be on a SUP board, to aperfectionate the wing control and the balance on the board, once you are able to ride upwind you will be ready for the foil.
Before to wingfoil we will learn how to foil behind the boat, it takes away all the stress of learning the wing and the foil in the same time. This alows to focus just on the muscle memory to fly the foil steady. Once the foil and wing skills are acquired then we can combine them, we will learn to pump the wing, generate lift and start to flight.
Fell the freedom and go wherever you whant.




This Lessons is aimed to thosse who already have experience whit wingfoiling and need to deepen some aspects.

Individual or in group this lessons are taylor made on certain objectives.

we will adapt on your level, share our knowledge and help you to reach the next level.In a short period of time you will see big progresses. The school provides all the necessary equipement and safety acessories as helmet, jacket and rescue boat.

we video analyze the session so we can analyse togueter the mistakes. 

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We offer a vast variety of ozone wings, and diferents tips of foils to rent.

For all levels and sailing conditions you will always find the right gear.

When you rent equipment you can trust on our rescue team.

For who whants to travel whit they own equipment we offer storage e rescue services.

Our goal is that u have a safe and relaxed sessions so you can enjoy the most our paradise.


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